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Remote Data Analyst

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Data Analysis

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£35000 - £45000

Published Date

21 September 2021 at 23:00:00

Published BY

Ben Williamson

About the job

Remote Data Analyst
Location: Remote, UK based
Salary: £35K - £45K

Numbers, pictures, outcomes, clicks, download speeds, collections, upload times, interactions and impressions... Data.

All forms of data hold some value but without the ability to dissect and suss out meaning, that value is limited.

When it comes to climate and the impact our activities are having it’s clear we need a much better understanding of human behaviours, those of individuals and those exhibited by businesses too.

This role will be working to analyse and bring clarity to the data gathered while always improving the quality of what’s collected, all helping the world and the wonderful people in it to live more sustainably by sharing more of what we have and preventing the waste of food and non-food items.

You’ll contribute to gaining a deeper understanding of the behaviour’s users of the apps and platforms display, both individual and commercial / charity. Then you will work closely with partners to build and maintain impact dashboards populated with meaningful visuals and metrics measuring things like portions and items saved.

There’s a lot of opportunity to advance your knowledge and add value with your current skills and those you’ll be encouraged to develop moving forward. They’re going to need deeper and more defined processes, better tools and modern methods as they scale up to grow from 5 million users to, hopefully, billions.

Their vision is huge and they only hire people who are passionate about their mission so if environmentalism isn’t something that’s important to you, it’s unlikely you’ll be successful. That said, they’re not looking for perfection or expecting you to be a vegan (… vegan’s welcome of course!).

The key skills are SQL and one of either Python or R. We want to see that you’re confident with statistical analysis and have used tools and technologies in aiding the cleansing and collating of data – so if you’ve used things similar to Python or R, don’t exclude yourself on specifics. SQL is the only hard requirement because of how their data is stored.

They also currently use Looker and Mixed Panel, experience with similar would be great and they intend to implement Power BI and Tableau in the future – again, exp with similar tools is great.

There will be the opportunity to do some Machine Learning or AI in the future but it won’t be a key focus, you won’t be engineering or building databases, that might be something that comes up but this role is very analysis cantered, at least early days.

You’ll work with the Analytics Manager and BI Manager who works closely with the wider technical team totalling around 16 people and growing quickly – including addition of another junior analyst.

There’s much more you’ll get to do so I’d love to hear about why you love data and what you can do with it. If the world of data is one you call home and you want to advance efforts to facilitate the sustainable continuation of human life on our little space rock, please apply or get in touch 😊


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