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Here are the greenest Rebels delivering game-changing talent for growing sustainability teams across the UK and Europe. 



Head of Rebel Sustainability

In 2019 I started targeting environmentally focused businesses to work with because it felt like the right thing to do. Knowing, for the most part, that almost all of us have failed in adjusting our behaviours enough to solve any problems, never mind THE problem!  


Now I knew it would be hard, but that’s where I tend to find the most satisfaction. There are areas of recruitment that are more straightforward, for sure!  But helping industries literally shift their entire operations process through hiring people for jobs that don’t even have titles or defined responsibilities yet… That’s interesting. Finding someone for a job when only a handful of people exist with the necessary skills, and then getting them bought into changing lanes or switching tact, that’s where real progress is made!   With all that said, there’s also a unique balance. In this sector you have to accept that there are times where you'll speak to people who are on a bigger or more impactful mission than you can offer.  The beauty is that there’s no resentment in coming across these people.


The key focus at Rebel and what separates us from the rest is that we care. Working with for-profit businesses, the main goal is not simply making a placement and garnering a fee. We find a person that loves the job and a company that loves them, but when the planet and our species’ future is on the line, it’s a little easier to wish someone well in their endeavours, knowing it’s unlikely any other recruiter will convince them to move on either.  … And they’re always super interesting people too.


This is a marathon, not a sprint, and recruitment is so much more enjoyable when you treat it as such. Hell, there are people I’ve placed that I met in my second year at Rebel, and I’d confidently bet that there are people I’ve spoken to in 2021 whom I won’t find a job for until 2025.

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6 years into growing Rebel Recruiters, a tech and digital recruitment company, it became clear that there was also a real need for our distinctive approach to recruitment within the sustainability market. 


​I’ve been a recruiter since 2004 and my proudest achievement has been creating a team of remarkable individuals here at Rebel who buck the industry stereotype of ‘typical’ recruiters.


​I worked in sales prior to recruitment and as a recruiter, I was a top biller and manager for several years, so I know what it takes to get to the top, stay there and to bring others along for the ride!


​​My job is to ensure we choose our clients carefully, understand our market deeply and take every promise we make personally.  I also undertake all of our senior appointment searches personally.


​I live a frenetic existence with 4 kids, 3 cats and a growing Rebel family at work, as well as a deep, painful love for Arsenal!

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"The depth and quality of Rebel's services are a breath of fresh air in the recruitment sector. My first meeting with Ben and Azar was refreshingly personal, and they took the time to get to know me and our charity's mission on a deeper level.  Ben worked super hard to find some truly incredible candidates, and did a great job preparing them for the application process, making me feel super confident that whoever is recruited has already kicked off their onboarding process in a professional and personal manner. Not only has Ben found great people, but he also kept his eyes and ears open to possible opportunities outside of recruitment which will help us in our mission. This holistic, thoughtful and mission-driven approach to sourcing high-quality candidates really sets Rebel apart."

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