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Remote React Developer

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React Developer

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£40,000 – £55,000

Published Date

16 September 2021 at 23:00:00

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Ben Williamson

About the job

Hopefully you understand that for humanity to continue living happily on our planet, things have to change.

One of the easiest changes to make is to our habits surrounding waste. We’ve become all too comfy with failing to squeeze every ounce of nutrition or value out of our natural resources.

It’s unsustainable and a huge contributor to a growing number of environmental issues.

We’re working with a company tackling exactly that – waste; food waste, furniture, books, equipment, clothing, you get the idea – take resources that some people need [sometimes desperately], that others have plenty of and create a space where both sides win.

They’re already a global success with their app live in 150+ countries.

So, how would you feel about applying your coding skills to solving waste problems?

Nobody wants to work for a company that’s doing good at the cost of their sanity or ability to lead a happy life, so you’ll be pleased to know the culture and benefits here are sound.

They were remote before Covid forced us all to embrace that. They have a super generous approach to annual leave and do a lot to ensure their teams are not just succeeding in work, but are genuinely happy and aren’t overstretched.

Happy people work hard when tackling problems they’re passionate about. It’s that simple.

You won’t be joining a huge technical team spanning multiple floors of an office in London. Instead, you’ll be working with a technical team of 14, growing to around 25, where every single person on the team contributes their own ideas, has a shared goal for the platform and most importantly, wants to increase impact and scale.

Their main app is built on Ruby on Rails but they’re increasingly using Javascript with React, Native and Redux. From an architecture & infrastructure perspective they’ve found their home with AWS. You won’t need Ruby experience for this role, as early days you’ll focus on the front end but if you’re keen to move or remain full stack, that’s certainly something they can accommodate.

Ideally you'll have be mid-level and have worked on a number of projects, one or two from start to go-live with one or two years working with React and a good understanding of testing, having done unit tests and possibly a little atomation.

Critically though, you need to have a passion for reducing waste. They want people who have a good awareness of the scale of the problem and the urgency with which we must act to overcome the challenges ahead.

They're realistic with their expectations and can teach what you don't know – for example, React Native, you’ll work with it but don’t need to have used it before, everything is teachable to a good student and passion for the planet will outweigh having used React Native before.

They’re split into two teams at the moment so depending on where your strengths lie, you’ll be helping volunteers increase their impact and reach or creating a brilliant user experience.

The Head of Engineering is still hands-on, still contributes to their architecture and codebase and you’ll have him and the rest of the team there helping ensure your skills progress.

In terms of what’s in it for you, well the list is endless really. Alongside a great salary, true freedom to work how you want to, no clock-watching and real progression, you’ll be joining a company that’s grown significantly in the last few years, has actually changed the world and has their eyes set firmly on scaling their impact.

If this sounds appealing to you and you have some commercial experience with React, please hit apply and let’s have a chat.


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