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Remote Lead Backend Developer

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Type of Job

Lead Backend Developer


£60,000 - £80,000 (possibly a little more if London based)

Published Date

16 September 2021 at 23:00:00

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About the job

There are lots of challenges facing our planet, industries are grappling with how to implement positive change and it is hard to know how to help.

The fashion industry is a biggie when it comes to pollution, accounting for between 5-10% of all CO2e emissions globally. Green washing is the norm, high use of chemicals, long and detached supply chains and use of materials like polyester which shed microplastics, topped off with treating garment workers in developing countries poorly.

There’s been a number of platforms pop up to encourage sharing or selling on second-hand clothing and a resurgence in vintage and thrift shopping.

This lot started slightly ahead of the recent trend and have a good chunk of this rapidly growing market already engaged.

Some of their systems were built externally early on, which they’re in the process of rebuilding in-house. They are going to be rearchitecting their MVPs and building new systems to include everything learnt so far on their journey.

The real kicker here though? Simply put, more people benefit from this platform than the others! As part of their service, huge amounts of revenue are generated for charities and brilliant causes all over the UK.

We need someone who is familiar with building systems, apps and tools from scratch including leading their design and requirements gathering, that are scalable and adaptable to business growth in the coming years is what’s needed. You’ll also be growing the team and management and coaching experience will be an important part of the role.

Taking problems and handling them end-to-end, implementing processes to avoid issues repeating and avoiding technical debt where possible will also be key.

They understand that senior level experience is more important than specific tech and languages, so if you’ve built scalable systems using OOP languages and understand design, write great documentation and have tinkered with things like security, DevOps or architecture, that’s super desirable.

Working in 2-week sprints, you’ll predominantly use Python and Golang – pairing with the mid-level devs [especially early on] – as well as building microservices and APIs and configuring end points.

There’s an excellent CTO and former software architect to back you up, as well as an experienced engineering manager who’s mainly focused on the frontend but will be there to support you as you learn their systems.

That said, if you’re wanting a big company to focus on coding alone, this won’t leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. But if you have ideas and want to use your skills to have a really positive impact, go on and click apply 😊.

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