We are Rebel Sustainability.

Not your typical recruiters.

We recruit the people that work on building a better tomorrow.


Our world is changing, faster than we predicted.  Tackling climate change and changing the way we live our lives is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity.  This has given rise to pioneering businesses, innovators, and challengers who see things differently, and are tackling our sustainability crisis using tech.


On a global scale, so many of the advances we are making in tech are actually  making our world better, more sustainable, rather than contributing to the problem. There is now an energised movement of people who know, who care and are not prepared to stand by and let this problem be someone else’s problem to solve.


We exist for them. We’re a recruitment team that focuses entirely on finding mission-aligned, highly skilled tech candidates for sustainability-focused businesses and organisations across Europe.


We are Rebel Sustainability.


Three things you need to know about us

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We’re focused on growing sustainability-driven companies

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We share the risk with every
placement we make

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We are ethically-driven tech recruiters with a passion for our planet


"I've used Rebel to recruit for a few positions now. I'm impressed by the quality of candidates that I receive. Particularly great is the summary sheet Ben sent with each application showing me that he's genuinely spoken to, and learned about, the candidate first, unlike other recruiters who will just scattergun any CV in our direction."